Reviving the Neglected Library

Because, you know, there's so much here LOL

Well that's what happens when life gets away from you. It's a shame that our medical system is so shoddy that it's incapable of caring for our elderly. My grandmother, who has Dementia, has been moved several times since she entered the hospital with fractured vertabrae. For those who are unfamiliar with Alzheimer's or Dementia, the worst thing you can do is move them into unfamiliar surroundings. This confuses them and it's very upsetting, it's just not advocated and it makes their condition more agitated in the end. You would think they would know better this being a hospital, in a ward designed to house these patients, but after everything my mother and her siblings went through to get my grandmother settled it's clear the hospital staff just don't give a rat's behind. I truly hope they never have to see a loved one go through this, but maybe that harsh lesson would teach them some compassion. It's really quite disgusting. And by no means am I saying all hospital staff are so uncaring, I have a ton of respect for those in the healthcare field and I know many of our own are expected to do too much for too little. But this hospital seems to be full of a lot of uncaring individuals. The sooner we can get my grandmother into a home where she'll be properly cared for the better. We have a few good facilities. In the meantime though they know my uncle won't take any crap, and now that I've also gotten rid of the last of the vitrol that's been infecting my life I'm ready to move on.

My writing has picked up again, which is always a good thing :) I use Liquid Story Binder XE to write and I just love it. I just recently discovered how to use the Sequences, only a year later but better late than never right? It makes story planning and writing so much easier for me. Have you ever experienced that feeling when you finally discover the golden method that works for you? That was exactly how I felt once I realized what it did and what I could do with it. I can easily rearrange scenes, plan out entire chapters, insert later scenes as they come to me. My mind doesn't work in a linear fashion most of the time, so it's such a blessing to be able to put later story ideas into the same timeline and not have them somewhere else to be put in when I get there. Versatility is the name of the game for me. I really recommend it, so if you can get your hands on it definitely go for it. Now I can get all 21 story ideas into something tangeable and out of my head - I think my brain's going to overload if they continue bouncing around in there :)

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