Hot 'Nuff For Ya?!

Guess we couldn't totally escape the heat this year, could we? :)

I kind of wish we could have kept the nice weather of July, the nice warm weather without the humidity. It was so beautiful out, and the breeze was nice enough to not have to stick the A/C in the windows for the most part. There's nothing nicer than having a nice summer breeze coming through the balcony while I'm at the comp. But with the hotter weather comes amazing storms, and I'm so glad we live in a building with nice big balconies. We seemed to have lucked out, because for the most part I can watch the storms from the balcony without the use of an umbrella or poncho. I'm crazy enough to go out anyway :) I love storm so much. My goal is to try and get a camera that'll be fast enough to catch lightning; my little guy just isn't quick enough. I can't complain though - I've managed to take some really nice pictures with this little guy.

And speaking of another hot, my dear friend Colleen (who hereafter shall be known as my personal illustrator) drew me another picture of Matsu from Darkstorm. I swear I feel like I've fallen in love with him all over again, though I haven't fallen out of love with him yet. I guess it's having that visual, even though I can picture him pretty clearly in my mind. A very impatient character he is - he would have actually met up with Adelyn in chapter 1 if I would have let him. Unless dreams count ;)

Music of the Moment: Fragrance - Gackt Camui

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