Return of the Writer

Wow, what happened :)

Too much would be the answer. A bit of a nosedive in health, a spike in stress, a move on Hallowe''s been something these past few months. I almost expected to find no followers when I came back (wouldn't have blamed anyone, to be honest!) but it's nice to see you still around. So thank you guys for sticking around.

So, where do things stand now. Well I'm getting back into a continuous writing habit so I can finish off the stories I've already started, and write the ones I want to start. I'm also working on my own health so I can finally have some sort of semblance of a normal life again. I miss being 'normal'. I've also hit the reset button on my 1 million words challenge and am going to attempt it again this year. I did a lot of thinking on it, and came to the conclusion that things that happened last year just made it too difficult. I kind of knew it, but I thought I could manage anyway. I know I can do it, and I am going to do it so I'll be adjusting the sidebars in the very near future. Next month I'm going to kick it off into high gear with a 150k words month next month! Which gives day to prepare. Fun. I must be nuts :) You can track me on Twitter, if you'd like. I finally caved and got one. And I have to admit it's pretty fun. You can also find me on Formspring and WeHeartIt.

It's good to be back again!

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