New Layout

Yes, new layout. I get bored easily what can I say :) I actually quite like this one, it's how I envision one of the worlds in Chasing Dreams to look like during the day.

NaNo is literally a week away, but I'm not nervous. At least I don't feel it, but I wonder if I'm so used to the nerves that I don't notice it anymore. Still got lots to do for the Kick-Off, I'm going to really push myself this weekend to get the rest of my stuff all printed out so I can start cutting them up and putting things together. I may have to forgo the little booklets, maybe I'll just buy some instead. Less work is better.

Having fun in WoW. Right now the event Hallow's End is going on and it's so much fun. Candy, trick or treating, attacks from the Headless Horseman and costumes galore. I just wish that the Player versus Player achievement wasn't a requirement for the Hallowed title. I'm not big on Player versus Player, mostly because my computer can't keep up, so that's kind of a bummer. There's always next year, but when you get one title you want more :) It'll end on Halloween, naturally and the next event won't be until next month for Thanksgiving. It'll be the first time it happens ingame, so that should be interesting. We get a turkey gun for pelting people with. Yes, a turkey gun. Hopefully the turkeys will already be cooked beforehand or that could get messy.


Elle said...

Am nervous too. Considering it's a week away and I still haven't chosen which book idea to go with! :(

Also, I miss the Halloween fun in WoW. Haven't played for about a year and really want to go back to it! What character do you play?

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

Go with the one that makes you the most excited, or the one you know most about. Or just throw them all in a hat and pick one ;)

I play several characters. Paladins are my favourite, I have a 78 paladin who's currently my highest, but I have a lot of different others too. Maybe 21 in all.


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