The Ones We Miss

After my little mini-rant I think it's only right I balance it with one that's a little more positive :)

The culling of the bedroom crap continues. I came across a little memory-box type thing I have that I keep things like cards and such in. Most of them I got rid of, some I kept. There were a few names in there of people who I've missed terribly, that I allowed myself to fall out of touch with. I know it was in part due to depression (which I still suffer from), but I still feel horrible that it happened. I keep coming across their names once in awhile and mean to connect again, but it always falls to the wayside. Not this time. This time I'm pulling out their addresses (hoping all the while they still live there!) and am going to do some good ol' fashioned letters. They were good friends, I wish I had been a better one to them. Hopefully I can reconnect.

I also came across some old letters from my grade 11 year in high school. That year a group of us grade 11 students did a 3 day leadership camp, in which we were going to be there as counselors. A big selling point was 3 days off school ;) But anyway. We'd be overseeing a group of several grade-school kids from the elementary schools that fed into our high school, and were guided by a couple of teachers. It was a great three days, the kids were a lot of fun to be with. On the last day, everyone from the kids to the teachers had a period where we had to write letters to everyone who was in our groups and the teachers who organized the camp would mail them out to everyone. I don't remember how long before I got mine, but they really touched me and I kept them, making sure they were somewhere safe so that they wouldn't get lost. I just found them now, re-reading them brought a little tear to my eye. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. One girl had even said that I had inspired her, which still affects me today reading it as it did when I first got the letter. It's one thing to hear a young kid tell you that you made camp fun; it's something else entirely when a young kid tells you that you inspired them. I hope she went on to do really well in her life.


Mary McDonald said...

Aw, I love looking through old letters and stuff. That is special that the kid said you inspired her.

Palindrome said...

I have lost too many friends over the years. It's a part of life but it still stings and you never know when your paths will cross again. They came into your life for a reason.

Tara said...

I love coming across old memories. Good luck in finding your friends :)

B. Miller said...

It's always interesting to take in the scenery along Memory Lane... maybe this could be story fodder for you?

Followed you over here from Palindrome's blog. Glad I did! You've got a new follower. Have a fantastic weekend!


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