Rain storm? HAH! Some rain storm. Sunny all day, got a little cloudy in the afternoon, and didn't start spitting until late evening. I waited all day for that darn storm, it didn't even last that long. I was so looking forward to opening the windows and letting some nice rain-washed air in, but no such luck. So I changed around the furniture in my bedroom, since it underwent a spring cleaning (washed the walls and the carpet) I figured it was as good a time as any. And I like it much better this way. Everything seems nicely spaced out, not so cramped. Later I'll put my room back together and maybe take some pictures. I'm planning another picspam post tomorrow :)

Speaking of disappointments, I watched Avatar a few weeks ago. James Cameron, What. The. Hell. He spent ten years on this story and that's what came of it?! Don't get me wrong, the graphics were amazing and I was totally impressed, but that's the only good thing I can say about the movie. The storyline was completely unoriginal. Granted the basic premise isn't new, it's been done at least three times over that I can think of. But still, it didn't seem like he tried much on the storyline side. Ridiculously predictable. It was just original enough that he wasn't blatantly ripping off from someone else. I expected better. It was hard to keep watching because the cliches just made me so angry I couldn't stand it. Plus as I was watching, I kept feeling like there was a prequel to it that I had missed. I don't know if there actually is one, if there is then that would make some sense. Really a damn shame, because those graphics are just cool. Avatar perfectly illustrates the problem with a great deal of movies today though; too much emphasis on effects, not enough emphasis on story. There needs to be a nice balance. Kind of glad I didn't spend the money seeing it in theatres; I don't think even seeing it in 3D could have made up for that poor excuse for a storyline.


Maria Zannini said...

The 'noble savage' and balance story is nothing original. If he spent ten years on that, I'd hate to think what he would have come up with in less time.

The graphics are great. I could have done without Cameron's politics though. Whatever happened to just telling a good story?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The 3D made a big difference, because it was used in a manner no other movie has tried.
The storyline wasn't original, but I really dug Avatar.

LM Preston said...

Dances with wolves, scifi style *wink* great ride though.

Natasha Bennett said...

I have to make a small correction. James Cameron didn't spend ten years writing the story. He wrote it, but felt that the technology wasn't good enough for his script, and choose to wait ten years for that reason alone. It didn't help that in 2004 he had some problems with Fox as well over funding.

I agree that the story definitely wasn't that original. :)



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