What a Week

So glad it's over. Friday Dalila hit her head and had a dizzy spell for like 30minutes after we came in. Then Sunday she was sick. Monday she seemed to be getting better. Monday night and Tuesday morning I was writing like a fiend, and stayed up until 3:30am writing. Felt sooooooo good. Unfortunately Dalila had another 'bout of the runs, so I spent another 30 minutes cleaning that and her up and wasn't asleep an hour before being woken up by Dalila. She spent all of Tuesday morning vomitting, I couldn't get to the vet until 10:30am and I pretty much was operating on no sleep (not that I'd been sleeping well before Tuesday either). We were so frantic we didn't think to keep her in the kitchen where cleaning would have been easier until like 9am, but once we did I went to lay down for a bit. A bit being like 30 minutes but I managed to grab 10 minutes of sleep. The vet tested for parvo (she's been innoculated against that, but the vet said sometimes they can still get it) which thankfully was negative, it turned out she had a bug. So three different meds later, we went home and I kept her in the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon. Not ten minutes after being home she pooped a whole lot of blood. Called the vet again and the receptionist asked the vet about it for me, and he said it would be normal for the next 24 hours. So long as she didn't get lethargic (I had her explain that to me just to make sure I knew what to look for :) ) she would be fine. Thankfully there was no lethargy and by Wednesday she was back to her old self again. Of course then I got a little sick, my wisdoms decided to move which was kind of agonizing - I usually have a pretty good pain tolerance but this had me ready to take a lorazepam or two just so I could sleep through it. I didn't though, and I think I found a dentist I can go to. It's hard when you're not covered by insurance. Also on Tuesday I found out that GACKT's coming to Toronto for TIFF, and I of course can't go. The setup at the venue doesn't allow the public to get near the red carpet, and even in the very unlikely event tickets are avaliable to the public I now haven't got the money for one. So close and yet so far. Ugh.

Some good news though! Cesar Millan is doing a seminar tour, and one of his stops will bring him my way which I think is totally cool! I have no idea if he's bringing any of his dogs, I hope they let him bring Junior though. I say hope because my stupid city has a pit bull ban which I think is by far the stupidest thing in the world. Dogs are work, big dogs are a lot of work and if you aren't prepared to exercise them right you have no business owning one. I'm sick of dogs being penalized for people's stupidity. Anyway, I'm going to try and get tickets to see him, but at the very least I'll be scooping out downtown :D He's the only reason I actually made that step to own a dog. I'd love to thank him for the great tools he gives dog owners and for giving me the confidence to even own a dog.


Maria Zannini said...

Hope Dahlia is back to normal now. How scary!

Ref: I'm sick of dogs being penalized for people's stupidity.

Amen, sister! I preach this all the time.

If you get to go to Cesar's seminar I hope you'll blog about it. I would love to hear about him.

Falen (Sarah) said...

ugh i've had a batch of sick dogs these last few weeks as well and have another vet appt this friday. boo.
Cesar Milan is pretty looked down upon in the dog world for using archaic methods, but i do have a friend who worked with him quite a bit before she changed methods to KPA and she said he's really nice, charming and wears expensive cologne so i'm sure if you get a chance to meet him it'll be really awesome. He seems like such a nice guy

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

@Maria: yeah it didn't take her long to get back to normal, the meds worked fast. I'm just glad it was something simple and not serious. Parvo can be deadly if it's not caught early enough! And I will blog about it, though it's iffy still right now. But I'm not giving up hope, and I'm definitely going to try and at least say hi.

@Falen: yeah I've heard, but it actually kind of surprises me. To me, his methods actually make a lot of sense and having used them myself I find they work. Dalila only has very very minor issues which I'm working on, and even on all but one we're making good progress on improving. Of course, everyone's going to have their own preferred method and if it works (without mistreating the dog of course!) then it's all good. Some people I've known who don't like his methods have never tried them though, so I don't understand the bashing.

There is one guy who I do dislike, I forget his name but he has a show called At The End of My Leash. I hate his methods, even though they work. He's often a big jerk to families, and I once saw an episode where he dragged a dog because it wouldn't walk. On grass, thankfully but still. I would have thrown him out had that been my house.


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