Festival Goodness

Back home and settled, with an ice cap and goodies :) I'm a hopeless addict, haha.

It was absolutely perfect weather for a festival. Lots of new booths, a fairly good crowd but considering there was also a festival going on at Locke street this weekend it wasn't surprising. But still, good crowd. Lots of folks with dogs, from little guys to Irish Wolfhounds. I caught up with my friends Michelle and Kelly who were both vending this year. It's always good to see people who are all glad to see you and not 'where the hell have you been?'. And saw some more of my friends who showed up a little after I did, which was nice. I forgot to ask if they were going lol Shannon brought Ruby along who was happier to see Dalila than Dalila was. Pup actually did pretty good at the festival, it was quite overwhelming but she loved it. And I love showing her off because she gets so many compliments. I think people see how happy a dog she is though too.

I didn't bring my camera this year, but I did get goodies and I did take pictures (please ignore my fugly desk >.> ):

Both mine and my mom's stuff. The dream catcher and the first two pairs of candles are mine, and the purple ball and the last two candle pairs are mine. The candles my friend Kelly makes. The first pair at the top is called Egyptian Dragon, the next Witches Brew, the third Dragon's Blood, and the last pair is Witches Cauldron. They smell sooooooooooooo good, I'm surrounded by scent.

As for Dalila:


Maria Zannini said...

What did you do to that poor dog. She looks exhausted! LOL.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is one pooped pup!

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

Haha, that's two hours of walking around a new place, exploring a park and lots of people to say hi to. She had a great time though, she loves being in new places.

Stephanie said...

I love going to festivals!!! There is always something going on in my area and I wish I could go to them all!!!

We had a big one here yesterday, Music is Art festival, organized by Robbie Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls. We had lot of fun!!


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