Finding a New Normal

It was a very emotional weekend, things didn't seem like they were going to go right with the potty training and all that. Emotional dreak doesn't even begin to cover it lol I think these first few weeks are going to be a little rocky as we get used to her and she gets used to us. And so long as I stay consistant during that time we should come out okay and problem-free. She naps quite a bit, so my writing will be okay (thank goodness!) but I'm also looking forward to going out for walks. Surprisingly Dalila walks on the leash despite never having one on her before I brought her home which is so great. She gets hesitant every few feet, but I stay patient and don't let her back up and she gets it quickly. I think overall we're doing good!

I'm all caught up reading all the blog entries I missed. The Dragon King has taken a slight shift in chapter 3 which is good, because now it works :) And now I have my energy back to write so I'll be making sure all my wordbars are updated today. I'm trying to stop the habit of updating one and not the other, then it gets confusing as to just where exactly I'm at. My notes are all over the place, when I get a plot or dialogue idea I have to just jot it down on the nearest paper or I'll lose it. They're not as bad as they can get, but I hate messes. So whip that into shape, and also maybe work on another at the same time. So many to choose. Ah cross that bridge when I get there.

And last but not least I have an award! Given to me by Sonshine Thoughts (thanks again!). I'm supposed to share 7 interesting facts for this award, so here they are:

1. I can pick stuff up with my toes - and often do
2. I tend to favour old shows like M*A*S*H and Golden Girls over a lot of the newer stuff, though I do enjoy the occassional House MD, Mantracker (which needs new episodes!), NUMB3RS, Ghost Hunters and pretty much anything on Discovery Civilizations channel
3. I can come up with a new story idea often at the drop of the hat. This isn't always a good thing - I averaged four in one day
4. Many things I hate or dislike at first I tend to come around and like to some degree
5. Animals and I seem to connect really well, I can usually tell what they want and how they're feeling. My mother says it's a gift, I think it's kind of cool.
6. I like being crafty. I make jewellry, flower arranging, and I'm even going to give candlemaking a go
7. I can make pretty good cheesecake, and this year I'm endeavoring to make more than just pretty good cheesecake


Falen said...

i also use my toes quite a bit! It always freaks my parents out when my sister or I pick something up with our toes. I love it. So much easier than bending over

SonshineMusic said...

Yeah! Oohhh... cheesecake. mmmmm

Maria Zannini said...

Do you ever outline your stories? I don't mean anything rigid, just a couple of lines that says what each chapter will cover.

Ref: Dalila
That's so great that she's taking to the leash already. Good puppy.

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

@Falen: it really is! Can you pick up money? I can sometimes, but nothing smaller than a quarter.

@Sonshine: I know. I wish I made cheesecake more often. Though mine always cracks along the top when it bakes, not sure how to get around it yet.

@Maria: most I do. Some I have a pretty good idea of the storyline in my head and can just let it go, but others I'll write a summary of the general plot points.

Palindrome said...

you and falen are gross...feet are gross.

I forgive you though because you can make cheesecake. cheesecake makes it all better...that and donuts.

AchingHope said...

I second Sonshine. Mmmm... Cheesecake.

Haha! Feet! I've tried typing with my toes, though it doesn't work very well. I can open doors though with 'em.

Tara said...

I use my toes, too!

How lucky are you? We've had a "new" dog for almost a year and she still hates her leash. We can walk her around for an hour and she will not go. But, as soon as we take her off the leash she runs into the yard and does her thing. Stubborn!

Nice blog you have here :)

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

@Palindrome: hey my feet are clean! Glad to be forgiven though hehe

@Achinghope: I've never tried typing with my feet, but I shift around too much. Plus knowing me I'd probably break the keyboard lol

@Tara: I'm kind of lucky, I guess. Dalila actually surprised me with the leash as I really didn't expect her to walk on it at all. She still stops though, but she walks longer and longer on her leash every day. I'm on the forums over at Cesar Millan's site, I find that a pretty helpful resource and about the only advice I can recommend. I've spent years with cats, dogs aren't yet my forte ;) Thanks for checking out my blog!


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