Writers - Expect the Best From Yourself

While I was making my morning rounds to my favourite websites, a comment on AbsoluteWrite got me thinking. Vanity publishers are always touting their 'we're so much better because we let you be in control, you keep all the profits', 'you'll get royalties' and just basically play up on all the misinformation there is out there on publishing. And those who go with vanities think they're getting a better deal because hey! they're seeing royalties! But when you get published by a commerical pub, you are seeing royalties - you're just seeing them all at once. Your advance is the amount of royalties the publisher expects your book to earn. Compare that to vanity publishing, are you really going to waffle at a four-digit advance? If anything the advance is better; all your royalties at once vs. the vanity route which can take months and all the work's on you?

So if you're a writer, an honest-to-goodness writer ask yourself how much you value your work. Ask yourself if your work is worth a four-digit advance (at the very least - gods know we'd all love to see those six figures or more!) and make the decision to work your craft beyond the drivel that comes out of vanity publishers. I know what I would pick.



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