Vampires and Dragons

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The Dragon King is coming along, albeit slowly. Again. I think I need to pull out my fantasy romances and reread them to kind of help me get into that right frame of mind to write characters falling in love. Or at least spawn a decent amount of dialogue. Right now Celios and Amarante are meeting for the first time in her family's gardens and it's very much turning into a secret rendevous. I'm not trying to make the scene perfect mind you, but I do want to at least lay a decent groundwork to work from later when I revise. Nothing bugs me more than looking back and thinking 'crap, that needs way more'. I did that with Path, there's a couple whole scenes missing that I meant to throw in. But that one's got some bigger things to be focused on first, so I can kind of ignore it for the time being. Sometimes judging pace can be tricky; you don't want to rush, but you don't want to drag it out either. I find the latter harder to manage than the former sometimes. Maybe I need to cut down on the distractions some, or change around my day to get me to settle more. I need more productive BIC sessions.

Beautiful Nightmareis calling me again. Sexy vamps, they're hard to resist. The biggest challenge of any vampire writer is to give her vamps a spin or something that makes them stand out from everyone else's vamps. Not always easy, when you think about it. There's seldom anything that's been done before, and if you plan to introduce something new there has to be a reasonable explanation for it. I want my vamps to be complex, monsters and lovers at the same time. The mopey vampire a la Louis or Edward in my world is a weakness; someone would put you out of your misery fast if that's how you thought. At the very least, a vampire accepts that they're a creature that relies on blood to live. Most don't have much qualm about taking it from humans, but there are many ways to do it. Some will do so secretly, others will raid a blood bank, some make a sport out of it. My main character vampire is one of those last ones, but he's not evil in the sense that he's incapable of feeling anything for humans. He falls in love, after all :) Okay I should probably stop there before I start spoiling plot points. Needless to say I'll be doing some worldbuilding inbetween Dragon Kingsegments.

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Anonymous said...

Vampires are fun! I love vampires who are morally questionable... who are more monster than lover. The Edward vampires just don't work for me. But the good news is the vampire genre is SO big, there are an array of 'vampires' to love! Good luck with your WIPS!


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