Artistic Appreciations

I saw Cirque de Soliel's Alegria on t.v. last night. WOW is all I can say! I knew Cirque always puts on an amazing show, but I admit that was my first time actually watching them. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it, what some of those people are able to do! I was trying to write while it was on - big mistake. You can't help but be entranced, and the music was just perfect. If someone could get me that music or soundtrack, I'd love you forever :) I still have the finale playing in my head.

I managed to belt out another chapter last night, not quite 5k words but it was 2:30am by the time I ended the chapter, my eyes were literally shutting at the computer and damnit it was close enough. The end got a little awkward and weird but I'll fix it some other time. Not my best introduction of the two main characters, although the setting really worked. It was just the dialogue I crumbled on. Onward and upward. I'm really loving how easily writing's coming to me again, maybe I'll be able to belt out The Dragon King before Dalila comes home at this rate. Still need to get my hands on a damn black ink cartridge! I could edit it on the computer, but that first edit on hard copy is far easier in many respects. Plus Path of the Hunter has some continuity errors and a missing scene - that's a lot easier to fix off the computer than on. I guess in the meantime I could always write the plot points on index cards, tape them up on the wall with the worldbuilding stuff and organize it from there. It gives my walls purpose until I redecorate :)

Gackt updated his blog today (well yesterday in Japan) excited about finally reaching the end of editing the RRII DVD, which made me excited because I have it waiting on preorder. It's always fun for me to read about someone's journey to completing something they've worked so hard on, it gives you a greater appreciation for the finished product. It does for me, anyway. And he and his team have been putting in a lot of effort into making the DVD as good as it could possibly be even to the point of sacrificing many many nights of sleep. Those are troopers. You have to be built for that, because I know me I simply don't function once I've hit that point of exhaustion. Kudos to those who can, because I think we've all at some point wished we didn't have to sleep or had more hours in the day to work on a project. But this, this is one of the main reasons why I love reading his blog (thanks to uranus_sama @ Livejournal for taking the time and effort to translate):

It's something that each respective person has.
Time that is, at best, limited.
Lives that will run out someday.
Even if you do nothing your whole life, your light will go out someday.
And if that's the case, then isnt it best to decide on your own for yourself how you want it to burn
and try and light up your surroundings so they're more radiant than anyone else's?
I think so.


Alex said...

Aren't they amazing? I saw O in Las Vegas and wept almost the whole way through. Magic...

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

They are magic. I'm going to try to see whatever the next one is in person.


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