Revenge of the White Stuff

It really doesn't want to go away, does it? It snowed again last night, all the side streets that I can see from my window are white and I heard trucks going all night long. Mostly salt trucks, but there were some plows out too. A friend of mine didn't have to go in to school today, I remember those days. I lived for those days. It's still lightly snowing now, and there were some snow warnings about but it really doesn't look like we're going to get dumps of snow. Then again I could be wrong; Mother Nature is so fickle. At least I don't have to shovel it!

I remember one year it started snowing one evening, and we were living in a different place so it was likely three or four years ago. I'm a night owl so I was up late and slowly the snow just kept building and building and building. The snow drift in our little backyard was literally climbing up the back fence! I have some pictures of it somewhere on my computer. By morning it had gotten so high we couldn't open either the front or the back door! Well you could, but you really had to push. Needless to say no one was going anywhere that day, but shoveling out that stuff was tough. It wasn't the heavy packing snow, but any large amounts of snow hurt after awhile. Plus I wanted to get the driveway shoveled out so that when the large plow came through it wasn't a huge cleanup. What I wouldn't have given for a snowblower.

I think I'll play in the snow later. I haven't done some fun photography in awhile.



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