Back In The Saddle (Metaphorically Speaking)

TGIF! And what a pretty good Friday it is.

My anxiety is mostly down these days, which I'm thankful for. Life's a lot easier to get through when you're not absorbed by it. I'm not tired anymore, not physically weak, and aside from a slight dizziness (which may be from the cleaning I was doing earlier) I feel a lot more normal.

Path of the Hunter is winding down, finally. The major conflict is about to end with a character death (wouldn't you like to know who ;) ) and then I can move on to the epilogue-ish final few thousand. I say epilogue-ish because it kind of has that feel, but it's essential to the story as it sort of winds up all the loose ends. I guess it's because there'll be a rather large time gap between this part I'm finishing up and the end of the book, that makes it feel like it's more of an epilogue. It'll be nice to finally bring this story to a close after three years of lounging around on my harddrive. May not be the first thing I sell, but I'll be damned if this becomes a trunk novel. I already wrote that one ;) The Dragon King will likely be next. The characters have been chatting to me again which was both good and bad - good, because it's been far too long since I got so excited about a story and managed to ignore that pesky inner editor long enough to get dialogue down. Wow did it feel good to write like that again! The only bad thing was I couldn't get to the computer and turn it on fast enough! Must keep the notebook nearby next time.

And last but not least, let the Olympics begin! I wasn't sure I was going to get into it this year, I usually don't. I catch some of the opening ceremonies, and periodically check the highlights of who's winning medals and leave it at that. Beijing's opening ceremonies were spectacular I thought, it kept me watching after the parade of countries entered the stadium, but I think the Vancouver opening ceremonies outdid them. Not to disparge on Beijing's, because that WAS an amazing show! It was innovative and riveting and really set a high standard. But what they've doing here at the Vancouver ones...that's something. Makes me glad my desk faces the computer so I don't have to constantly turn around to watch! Enjoy everyone!

Music of the Moment: Olympics music - think they'll release a CD?



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