Ups and Downs

Just once I'd love to have a day that's all Up and no Down :) But I can't complain too much, because the Downs are minor and within my control. Mostly.

Had a very good dream, and restful sleep. Yesterday I was ridiculously tired and not ENTIRELY sure why, but I just shrugged it off. Woke up to a beautifully sunny morning, and even though I block off the sun from my apartment I still like those clear sunny mornings. They give a good energy to the day (though I feel the same about a snowy morning or a good rain). Slept a little longer than I like, but when I walked out of my room I saw those brown envelopes that have become so familiar now. More packages! One was strictly Mom's stuff (two more bracelets filled with Pandora beads) and one was both mine and her's. Her component was a dragonfly pendant which is actually quite lovely. I'm not into dragonflies myself, at least not like my mom is, but it's a cute thing. My parts were a butterfly pendant and a beautiful set of obsidian prayer beads. I was excited about the prayer beads especially because I just fell in love with them when I first saw prayer beads and decided to start collecting some. They're bigger than I thought they'd be but I'm not complaining! I've got a couple more sets coming, and I'm going to start hanging them on the wall where my closet is. Start a 'collection wall' of sorts :) Got a good deal of writing done, I decided to skip the battle scene and get right to the end conflict so I can move on to the end of the story. The battle scene is just bugging the crap out of me way too much, I'll let it sit until something comes to mind. I've already had to change one dynamic, but I can fix that in the edit. All words are good, must remember that!

Now the downsides. Minor, like I said. The first one was as I was changing for bed, I was in the bathroom and managed to whack the top of my right hand on the towel bar. I bruise far too easily, so that'll probably be a nice big purple mark tomorrow. The second - my wisdom teeth. I still have them, never had the opportunity to get them pulled (think I'll put that on my goals list) so I've just been tolerating them. For the most part they haven't been TOO bad, I generally have a high pain tolerance and so I just ride the pain out, but sometimes even I hit my limit. When they move, they press against the rest of my teeth who have nowhere to go and it's awful pressure. They've been quiet for months and now they're moving again and I just have no patience this time around. The tylenol's kicking in now thankfully, it's dulled enough that I can tolerate it easily but I know this is going to go on for a few days at least. Le sigh. Thank goodness for tylenol and yogurt. I don't swallow tylenol whole, I have to crush it. Win-win though.

I'll post pictures a little later.



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