Coming and Going

Seems there's a few things coming and going aside from my muses. I really hate when they do that, by the way.

Monday we had quite a snowfall in my area. I wouldn't be surprised if it was nearly half a foot. I took some pictures which I'll post in a day or two. I felt bad for everyone who had to go out in that, but since I didn't have to go out in it I let myself enjoy it just a little. The next day went up a couple degrees and it all started melting. I wouldn't be surprised if the run-off from some of the balconies looked like a waterfall, I could hear it melting all day long. So I figured that was that. Mother Nature gave us our annual snowstorm (though this was mild compared to others) and that was the end of it. Well, not quite. Today we got yet another snowfall - not quite what was falling Monday but it was consistant and those beautiful big snowflakes that just lightly drift on the wind to the ground. I got some pictures of those too, it's my favourite kind of snowfall to watch.

The Dragon King seems to have hit another lull, and I'm having a hard time working out of it. Oftentimes with my stories I have a 'trigger' of some sort - a movie, a book, a song. And employing that trigger usually works pretty well in getting me back into the groove. For example if I want to work on Beautiful Nightmare all I have to do is put on Twilight (which doesn't work the way you're probably thinking - I'm not at all a fan of Twilight. And yes I have read the books. But it gets my competitive spirit going). I haven't yet been able to find anything that gets The Dragon King going in the same sort of way. I could really use one. I think what I may do (which sometimes also works) is scrap chapter 3 and just rewrite it. Sometimes a second go-around clears the clogs so to speak. Maybe I could force the muses back. I really need to tie them down or something.


Marty said...

Sometimes, (as hard as it it to do at times), scrapping a chapter is the only way to get the muses back on track. I'm working on something and wrote one particular thing I thought was totally awesome. Unfortunately, the totally awesome thing stalled the story so I had to backtrack :o(

On a separate note, I'm letting my current Followers (woefully small number) know I have a free book contest going on now. Thought you might want to check it out.

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

Yeah I'm finding it a good method in some cases. I've done it a couple times before in another work and it helped me plow through.

I'm sure you saw my reply to the contest, and I did mention it in mine.


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