Time Flew By

It's funny how days can suddenly disappear and you have nothing to show for them, or at least it feels that way. I sort of fell off the good-eating wagon and reverted back to pre-New Year, and I think it was worse than the first time. I guess you get so used to being in a certain physical state that when you change it, then revert back, you feel it more the second time around. That or my body just really enjoyed being a little healthier, which I really can't blame it for. I'm going to get back into that better habit though, as puppy comes home in exactly 30 days from now. Well, perhaps not exactly 30 days, it would be more accurate to say she'll be ready to come home by then. Still have lots to do, and I want to have a set schedule already in place by the time she gets here. This'll already be a big shift to her, no need to shift it more by having to change my schedule at the same time. I'm still debating whether to have the crate in my room for the first three nights and then move it to the living room where it'll stay, or sleep out in the living room for her first three nights. Both have their pros and cons, I suppose it's just a matter of which cons outweigh the pros.

I've been absorbed in WoW again, another world event. It always happens, I get absorbed in the celebrations and I get lost for awhile. I like them because the rewards from accomplishing the seasonal quests give a huge boost to leveling, and anyone who's played an MMO like this one knows what a pain in the arse leveling can be after awhile. Plus for the most part the events are pretty fun. Right now the event going on is Love Is In The Air, and they improved it actually. Last year it was very simple, wear perfume or cologne and flirt with the guards, and you received various tokens to put together items for turning in. This year there's charm bracelets, all sorts of achievements and one of the most annoying daily quests Blizzard ever thought of. You either get a quest to spray perfume on 10 targets, or get 10 targets to sample some goodies. Targets can be either the guards and merchants in the city or players, but they should have been restricted to the computer characters. Nothing's more annoying than the stupid buff FINALLY disappearing only to get hit again by some other idiot. Other than that the event's much improved, and the much sought-after pet is much easier to acquire this year. Last year you had a 1 in 1000 chance of stumbling on him - this year you can buy him for 40 Love Tokens. Yay!

Time to force myself back into the writing grove. I have to stop letting myself get so disheartened by what's coming out. I used to have pretty good discipline in that I could just push ahead when things weren't coming out exactly as I wanted them to, and eventually words start coming that make me go 'whoa that was really good!'. Now it's like I lost that discipline and have to try and get it again. I don't generally make excuses for myself, but I think having the fog of depression (and sometimes lorazepam) is really a huge handicap. And even after all this time, I don't think I like admitting that. I don't like admitting there's something that I can't do something about on my own that makes it difficult for me to do the things I love. It can get scary, I've been at the point where I completely lose the desire to write and it feels like I've been robbed of something precious. Probably time for another trip to the doctor, or at least a phone call. In the meantime I'll just have to do my best. And get through this damn battle scene before I find a way to eliminate it lol



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