Back on the Path

It feels good to have characters talking to me again.

I pulled out Path of the Hunter Thursday, a NaNo manuscript from back in 2006. I won that year at 80k (gods I wish I could go back to being able to crank out that kind of steady writing!), but for a long while after that I stopped working on it. I got stuck on a battle scene, couldn't go any further and next thing I knew three years went by. Now I'm finally back to it and so far not too bad. I wrote just over 2k of it yesterday, and if I can keep that up I could finish this manuscript in nine days! Maybe a little sooner, because all those extra bits of writing do add up. Nine days seems to be a reasonable goal for the pace I'm going now. Hopefully I can build up my pace in a few months' time. I do have a word goal, after all!

I'm working on getting myself into a more productive routine. Ordinarily I go for my daily walk after 3:30pm on the weekdays, usually later though (weekends I usually don't go at all). I was out just after 10:30am was pleasantly different. First of all, I'm typically just getting out of bed at that time (it's a very bad habit I'm trying to break) so my body's not used to being up and about like that. Second, I've been covering the windows in my bedroom and the living room/dining room for over a year now because of the glare from the sun and that's a fair bit of shade. By the time afternoon rolls around the walk takes up whatever energy I have and things are slow the rest of the night. Probably why I've had such a hard time getting back into my writing grove. It felt nice to get those errands done early for a change though, and I actually felt more energetic during the rest of the day. If I can keep it up, maybe getting back to 5k a day and writing 150k in a month will be achievable again. The spirit's willing, just have to get the body to catch up with it.



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