New Year, New Start - Again

Well November and even December didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. I suffer from depression, panic & anxiety disorder and agoraphobia and have for a few years now, and I suppose this year it just got beyond my control. I had a lot of bad nights, a lot of panic attacks in short periods of time which was really unusual. It's scary and really makes you feel very isolated sometimes, but I have a really good doctor who's helping me through it and now I start the road to getting better. It's not fun living this way - especially when it affects my writing :) That's beginning to come back though, slowly but it's coming. I decided one of my goals for this year was to write 1 million words by January 8th, 2011. Ambitious? Sure. But it may help to motivate me to keep writing. Sometimes you have to push yourself through the lulls to get to the good stretches. I like goals as opposed to resolutions. New Year's Resolutions has such a stigma attached to it now, and very few people ever seem to see their resolutions all the way through. Goals has a different sort of ring to it, there's a certain drive to accomplish a goal that just doesn't seem to be there with resolutions. So goals it is. Whatever works I say ;)

Now I must set about to giving the computer its yearly clean up. Toss some files, organize others, try and get some room so it's not so sluggish. And backups. If you're an artist of any kind and you have your stuff on the computer, back it up. I use Syncplicity to back up my story files, but I also plan to get an external harddrive to back up the entire computer and some memory sticks to back up my fiction. Seriously, it's better to have multiple backups than losing even some of your hard work. So if there's no other goal you have for this year, make a good backup one of them!

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Shauna Hayes McShane said...
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Aelwyn said...

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I will post on your FB every day saying "So, are you writing today?" LOL!

You should join our "New Life Resolutions"....helps us keep on track! :)


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