Computer Glitches and Good Dreams

The adventure of exploring my computer files continues. Still trying to clean the harddrive, and bring some order to the mess. It's kind of like having a filing cabinet and some of the drawers are a complete mess. That and trying to salvage some space on my harddrive. I almost lost the info in LiquidBinder I had for one of my stories when the info wasn't saving! Scary moment, but luckily I still had the duplicate folder. Now the only thing I need to try and figure out is how to delete an error-ridden folder. It's empty, but everytime I try and delete it I get an error telling me it either can't find it or can't read it. Error on the harddrive I guess, or maybe there's a way to remove it that I've forgotten. My computer knowledge has faded some. I think this year I'll try and save up for a new computer. This one's served me well, but it's an old girl now and not worth repairing or replacing parts. I'm still on the fence about Windows 7, a lot of what I read about Windows Vista I didn't like and thus never upgraded to (not that this comp could have handled it! lol), but I wonder if Windows 7 panned out better or worse. Or maybe I should just get a Mac. Seems like in movies people are always using Mac laptops, I don't recall ever seeing an Acer or HP laptop in a movie before so there must be a reason why it's always a Mac. Any suggestions are most welcomed :)

Lately the dreams I've been having have been really kind to the writing department. I don't usually get inspired by dreams, I either don't remember too much or any of them or they're too weird and unpleasant. I did have one in June which gave birth to Chasing Dreams, and many nights of having a notepad near the bed paid off finally with that one. I don't think I would have made it to the computer and still remember it. Anyway, I just figured it was a lightning-strikes-once type of thing since it was so unusual and didn't think much on it again. Then once December rolled around I started having them a few times a week, though most were just small ideas I was able to use to advance stories I already had in progress. A few have spawned full-out stories, as if I needed more ;) My roster is rather full as it is, but I can't turn down a good storyline, especially when it's something that seems different and unique. Last night I had a nap (yes I think I'm one of the few people on earth who'll nap at 7 or 8 pm in the evening) and had this really great story idea play out while I slept. I don't know if I'll get to writing it out for awhile, but I will say this, it's nice to have another dragon story :)

Time to dive back into the filing cabinet.



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