Rolling Along Nicely

I finally got chapter one of The Dragon King down! What's on the goal to 1million is what was actually written in 2010 but the chapter closed in on 5k exactly. The first main character, Celios, has been introduced and the problem is set. He and his dragon kin are dying, and no one seems to know why. All he can find are hints of the answer, but not enough of a picture to actually devise a solution. Now he's consulted with the oracle and is off to Taimai. The journey begins at last.

I like going 5k per chapter; substantial, not too long but not too short. At least it feels that way to me. Plus it makes general wordcount tallying easy :) I created a spreadsheet based on one I got from someone else who made it for a Facebook App, which helps to keep all that sort of info straight in one place. Though I probably should put it in my writing folder so it gets backed up on Syncplicity. I also did one for agents, which I'd be happy to share once I really get it going. Right now it's heavily fantasy-based, but this year I decided to expand it. I've got a few story ideas that deviate from what I usually write, like romance, and some distinct subgenres of fantasy like urban fantasy. I notice some agents will only rep a certain subgenre, or won't rep a certain subgenre, so I've been really making sure my stories all fit in the right genre. That way once I finally query them I'll be sending them out to the right people. Nothing will get you rejected faster than querying the wrong people.

I think today I'll move on to Redemption, I've got some scenes from that story that just keep hanging around my head. Will probably also go for a Tim Hortons run as well, I had a packaged delivered today which I missed by about sixteen minutes and I pass the post office on the way. Sound doesn't travel well in the apartment, and although I'm not usually a heavy sleeper I can't hear a thing in my room. Mom's pretty understanding about it, she knows I'll call back if I miss the phone. I don't think the postman cares too much ;)



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