Slow Night

As I sit here typing away at The Dragon King, I find myself...really placid. The writing is coming along okay, but I'm missing that spark, that drive. When the imagination's going and the character's at the forefront of your mind telling you what they're saying and doing. I miss that feeling of not being able to get to the computer or a notepad fast enough because everything's just buzzing in my brain. Which usually happens at the most inconvenient times, like in the shower >.> It's annoying as hell really, I haven't yet worked out a way to get it all down when that happens that doesn't result in getting my notebook soaked. Maybe I should get one of those portable laptop trays and work something out with that. But anyway, I'm sure the placid feeling will pass eventually, it just stinks going through it in the meantime.

I'll probably not do any late night writing tonight, turn on the PS2 instead. I had to exchange a couple of christmas gifts today, and picked up a new game while we were out. I'm not the avid gamer I used to be, but I still enjoy them when the mood strikes me :) I haven't played Dirge of Cerebus in awhile, but I might play Soul Calibre II first. I THINK I've played it before, but that might have been Soul Calibre IV. I can't recall, it was a few years ago on my cousin's XBox. Fighter games tend to be pretty similar on most levels, but I really liked the Soul Calibre storyline. I'll let you know when I play the game :)

Tonight's goal: Get chapter one of The Dragon King to 5k. I'll edit this post if I succeed or fail.

EDIT: Fail, but I came close at around 3k. And I suck at Soul Calibre II lol Ah well, practice makes perfect!

Music of the Moment: For The Reunion - Nobuo Uematsu



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