It's Always Those Nasty Pirates...

According to an article in my local paper, piracy is still a big issue in the music industry. Okay, we all know there's a large pirating community out there, but I think those crying 'it's all the pirates' fault we're losing money!' might be giving them just a wee bit too much credit.

Unless you assume dwindling sales = piracy, which no one yet has given any data to support it.

I'm sure piracy's a big problem. But maybe if the music industry starts asking the consumers they'd get a surprising answer. Because it's not just the pirates - it's the artists. I'm just speaking as a consumer, but I stopped buying a lot of artists' cds (and stopped listening to them altogether) because the music sucked. It got to be the same old thing every cd. Sure, there might have been two or three songs I liked, but that doesn't justify a $30. Sorry. I'd rather buy digital. I've never been in the position where I could splash money, but I remember when I was a teenager it was pretty easy to have at least a small collection of a favourite artist's music. Singles were cheap, albums ranged between $15-$25 depending on who it was. Then the prices started going up, and with it went my ability to walk into HMV or the other indie shops and buy two or three cds at a time. I think one of those shops has long since gone now. Should an artist be paid for his/her craft? Absolutely, my answer is yes every time. But you have to make it worth it. Because unfortunately, Big Rich Musicians, you are part of your own problem. Step out of your music box, give listening fans something new. Stop with the same old, same old, it's boring. If you want us to pay $30 for your cd, you darn well better make it worth the money.



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