Words Are A Comin'

Now with my writing folder all settled once again, and Liquid Story Binder all set up the way I like it, I'm finally feeling nice and inspired again. The story with the first words of 2010 goes to The Dragon King, which is looking to be a two part story. It's very asian-inspired, which has been a heavy influence lately. I adore the culture, it's so timeless and elegant and steeped in traditions. And it lends itself so well to fantasy ^_^ I have to make a little shout-out to Cindy Pon, author of Silver Phoenix. I got her book for Christmas after months of waiting and started reading it, and aside from being a really amazing read (seriously go get it!) it got my drive to work on The Dragon King again. So thank you Cindy! And a thank you to Gackt, whose portrayal of Uesugi Kenshin in Fūrin Kazan also helped to inspire the story. Gacktありがとう

Though, I'm really wishing I had a laptop right now.



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