Does It Say 'Open for Business' On My Brain?

Because it should be reading 'closed to submissions'.

I've gotten not one but three new story ideas in the past week and they just won't stop buzzing around my brain. Makes it really hard to concentrate on the other stories I'm trying to work on and finish. One that I'm fleshing out right now is inspired heavily by the Norse and Celtic cultures, and a little bit on the Vrykul from World of Warcraft (who are also based on the Norse - so I guess a double Norse inspiration?). The story starts out as a single people that will eventually degrade into two seperate cultures. It'll have many fantasy elements, of course - the mythos of both the Norse and Celtic have plenty of it - and will probably be a little Romanesque in that gods sometimes manipulate key mortals for their own purposes. It's still a work-in-progress, but I have a beginning and an ending. It's all that middle fodder I'll need, but later. I think it could have potential for a series, but the book could hold its own as a standalone too. Unlike other series that I've started though I have no precise number as to a possible number. It's the first time I've been confident enough to say that if people liked this book and wanted more stories from these people, I could give it to them. And I promise not to pull a LKH/AR and butcher characters and plot. I'll quit while I'm ahead I promise ;) I still mourn the loss of the true Brat Prince.

Speaking of princes, I'm back on Beautiful Nightmare as I work on The Dragon King. Tessa and I jokingly refer to Matsu as the Aristocratic Prince, I just hope he lives up to the title. Knowing my beloved vampire I'm sure he will - I mean this is a guy who killed several important figures in a town in 1800s London and caused a panic across the countryside because it amused him. The story took a bit of change, and I decided to incorporate some magic into it to spunk it up some, and I think it's going to work well. Not predominate the story, but heck if you're going to have vampires and all sorts of 'fantastical' creatures showing up magic abilities have to make SOME kind of appearance. I can't wait to get to the first physical fight scene, it's going to be fun writing a scene that highlights Matsu's sadistic streak. It's funny how two characters who were inspired by the same person came out so entirely different.

Now, note to self: Take the Christmas music off your playlist already!!! And change the mp3 battery; Random Shuffle tends to work better with a charged battery.

Tomorrow I should have exciting news to post, so stay tuned!

Music of the Moment: Future - Gackt



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